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Pediatric rehabilitation
Sneh… RERC (Rehabilitation, Educational and Research Centre)is an organization working over almost two decades towards total rehabilitation of special folks with various forms of neurological, orthopedic as well as congenital conditions.Based in Mumbai, it has several centers pan India, which cater to a wide population.

Sneh... started in 1996 with a dream and a single individual’s initiative having burning passion to help the special needs population. Ten years down the line, Sneh... has become a full-fledged organization backed by a team of
top professionals in the rehabilitative and medical field such as Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Visual Rehabilitation Specialists, Orthotists, Dieticians, Pediatricians, Developmental Pediatricians, Neurosurgeons
and many others to form an ever-growing network.

One of the greatest assets of Sneh… is its trans-disciplinary approach that enables its patients to avail the
services of all the professionals concerned with rehabilitation, under one roof. These disciplines are
Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Special education, Clinical psychology, Nutrition, and Orthotics.

Sneh... works in an infallible schedule, to ensure goals and maximum potential are being achieved. Every patient who visits any center is given a customized evaluation and treatment protocol, which involves the following steps:
    A format of Evaluation/Consultation to meet international standards
    Quarterly goal setting and follow up
    Weekly meetings to monitor progress
    Regular meetings with parents or caretakers to discuss concerns
    To increase the social quotient of the child our therapists also visit        their School to meet the teachers. 

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